BGaming Ensures a Fun and Honest Online Casino Experience

When it comes to creating fair results and building credibility with its players, the forward-thinking online gambling operator BGaming has never held back when it comes to giving it their all. Since the very beginning of its existence, the company has consistently held a prominent position among the sector’s leaders. It was also one of the first online gaming companies to offer provably fair casino games to its customers, making it one of the pioneers in the industry. Players on BGaming are able to vouch for the fairness and unpredictability of the outcomes of their games thanks to the development of cryptography as an industry standard.

In previous years, even before the mania surrounding cryptocurrencies took over, a system of tried and true justice for players of online casinos was made available to them through password-protected archives. These archives had thousands of possible results. The data back then all came with the option of manual testing, which let players to verify the randomness of it all based on rounds IDs, and this was standard across the board.


Building Mutual Trust Between Server And Client The introduction of cryptocurrencies gave the technology behind provably fair games a fresh lease on life. Nevertheless, there were a multitude of issues associated with it. In the beginning, these systems would generate two numbers before even allowing a wager to be put. These are the numbers that were used for the server seed on the side of the server, and these are the numbers that were used for the client seed on the side of the player. After a wager was put, a random number generator would be used to seed the numbers, which would then be utilized to determine the outcome of the online casino games. Even though this made it possible for the system to authenticate itself, it made it so that regular gamers couldn’t use it since it was too sophisticated.


Blockchain technology, which has only recently been commercially available, has, thankfully, made it possible to streamline the verification procedure. This makes use of a control code that can be audited by the public and is therefore potentially much more dependable. Players have the ability to personally examine each round of play on their online casino games, and the software may be checked to make sure that there has been no foul play. In addition, tests can be executed to guarantee that the source code has not been modified in any way.


BGaming Leads The Groove

When it comes to these kinds of technological advancements, BGaming has always been and will continue to be in the forefront of the competition.


The company’s online casino games use a verification mechanism that is completely unique to the company. According to Marina Ostrovtsova, who is the director of the company, BGaming started developing slots back when the market for cryptocurrencies was just starting to heat up. As a direct consequence of this, the characteristic can now be traced back all the way through its history. She went on to say that BGaming is particularly proud of the fact that it was the first slots producer to offer such innovations into the huge field of online casino games.

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